We’re the Realtors® next door. Based in one of the hottest real estate markets in the world, 3L Properties is rooted in the classic adage, “location, location, location.” With extensive experience working on all sides of a real estate transaction, we provide hands-on guidance, support, and insight to buyers and sellers alike.

Kyle started 3L Properties as a real estate investor himself. After he and his wife, Angelique, found success flipping homes and acquiring multi-family rental properties, they soon discovered the value of their experience in helping other buyers and sellers in the LA market.

Together, we bring high-level investment analysis to all real estate transaction, even home buying. If you want to get into the weeds on value and leveraging lending strategically, Kyle can talk shop on both an excel spreadsheet or bar napkin. If you are looking to understand the complexities of a purchase or sale in terms not reserved for Wall Street, Angelique is happy to translate. 3L Properties is a business you’ll be glad to have on your team, because at the end of the day, we’re honest, happy to hustle, and fun to work with.

We are a local, small business that runs it all in-house. This means you work directly with the owners of 3L Properties, not assistants, office coordinators, or an outsourced call center. The giant firms talk a big game about their “resources,” but too often this boils down to poor service and a disconnected agent representing you. All the resources you need for a fruitful transaction come in the form of relationships and communication, and those are our strengths.

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Kyle Young has been passionate about real estate from day one, and that passion has grown from investing in his own properties to helping buyers and sellers capitalize on their own investment opportunities. Always close to the files of each transaction, Kyle understands the nuances of real estate contracts, anticipates the common headaches inherent in the process, and knows the best way to ensure a smooth and low-tension transaction.

Maximizing value, crafting smart investments, and leveraging lending is where Kyle thrives as a real estate investor and Realtor®. His clients benefit from his 10+ years of hands-on experience.

When not cruising the MLS, Kyle can be found playing basketball, or strolling all over the west side with Angelique, their two dogs and new baby boy.


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Angelique Young developed a love for real estate through the many ventures she and Kyle have tackled as a team. Their marriage began in a home flip, where the deadline for completion lined up with the date of their wedding, which was held at the house. While her natural eye for interior design and functionality provide a helpful perspective, Angelique’s primary strength lies in her ability to foster strong relationships both professionally and personally.

Real Estate is a business built on relationships and Angelique is keen at leveraging these connections for the benefit of 3L clients. Sharing in Kyle’s strength of first-hand investing, Angelique enjoys helping first-time home buyers navigate the complex purchasing experience by arming them with knowledge of the process and positivity throughout.

In her free time, Angelique loves to read both herself and to her son, try new recipes, and beg Kyle to play boardgames with her (that he’ll inevitably lose).


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